Interfaith Support for the Kinder Morgan Protest

kinder morgan protest.jpg

Several sangha members joined others from various faith groups at a rally to protest the Kinder Morgan pipeline on April 28. 

Report from Burnaby Mountain by Jizan Sara Ross.

If you have been attempting the daunting task of following the news about Kinder Morgan, you may have celebrated to learn that the company had stopped non-essential spending on their Trans Mountain pipeline until May 31st. The day after this announcement went public, I saw a video of the company hard at work at their Burnaby Mountain site. Curious, I went to see for myself. I learned that Kinder Morgan has not stopped working at all, and in fact, in big development project language, stopping “non-essential spending” actually means they are ONLY working at building the pipeline, putting on hold the non-essentials around the side. Later in the week I supported a dear friend and fellow Buddhist practitioner as she “took bold action” to stop the project. Along with a group of artists and supporters, and under the direction of Coast Salish leaders and protocols, we raised our voices together in song and love for the land, water, and future generations. Three were peacefully arrested, including Violet Williams an 18 year old aboriginal woman, and my friend Pia Masse, who is an Instructor and Artist in Residence at Emily Carr University, bringing the arrest total to almost 200. The ceremony, love and interdependence that I was a part of at this action has been truly healing and uplifting for me personally. I recently completed the volunteer orientation and training so that I may support the Watch House (Kwekwecnewtxw), which is the spiritual and practical foundation of this movement. I would like to offer any sangha member or affiliate, if you would like to learn more about what is happening on the mountain, please be in touch with me. It feels like indeed, now is the time for us to act in alignment with our aspirations to save all beings, particularly in light of the political crises that are unfolding.

Invitation for Samu (Work Practice), and Witness

The Mountain Rain Sangha is invited to come together to support Kwekwecnewtxw (the Watch House) with our Samu (Work Practice). Please email Sara if you would like to meet up to go to the site and have an orientation. The Watch House is located on the south side of Burnaby Mountain, approx. 8505 Forest Grove Drive in Burnaby. The Watch House does not need food donations, but they do have a wish list for other items. Ongoing volunteer opportunities include: Kitchen help General Camp Maintenance Fire-keeping Dinner Drop-off Staying Overnight and Fire-keeping at Night (sacred fire) Marshalls at Events Laundry and Recycling support.