Announcing Mountain Rain’s New Website

We are delighted to announce the launch of Mountain Rain’s much-needed new website, designed by web-designer Laura Trippi of SF Bay Area Everyday Zen. Laura has worked with us conscientiously and collaboratively to ensure that the website is both beautiful and functional.  We think she’s succeeded wonderfully, and hope you will agree.

We hope the new website will be an easily accessible resource, for the sangha and for those new to Mountain Rain. The pages on Our Practice and Our Programs give an overview of what we do.  The Events pages have detailed information about upcoming events, complete with online registration.  Memberships, donations, and email-list sign-up are also easy to do online.  The Teachings page will offer both recent and archived dharma talks, but please be patient, as it will take us a little longer to complete the transfer from the old site and add recent talks.

Much gratitude to Laura for all her fine work on the website, and for patiently teaching us how to edit and maintain it. Thanks also to Todd Slobogean for thoughtful observations along the way and for testing all the e-commerce functions.  To  those who are valiantly learning new tricks as treasurer,  Kwee Downie;  email manager, Flo Rublee;  membership manager, Lucille Taylor, and registrar, Kaye Simard.  And to those who contributed photos: Shudo Chris Burkhart for the Loon Lake shots, and Bruce Shotoku Nielsen for the beautiful home page banner. We want to acknowledge all those who contributed photos, but we’ve used some we’re not sure about, so if you see one of yours please let us know.