Practice period mid-point: words from the teacher

We are almost at the mid-point of our six-week practice period, so this is a good time to reflect on our intentions, make adjustments as needed, and encourage each other to continue our practice—including every aspect of our lives, even our deepest doubts and greatest challenges, in the simple practice of mindful, compassionate awareness. If perhaps you are not quite meeting the practice intentions you had set for yourself, take heart, you are in good company. In our retreat on forgiveness, this past Saturday, we practiced with self-forgiveness, reframing the old cliché “forgive and forget”, as “forget and remember, forgive and renew.” Over and over, we forget to pay attention to our lives, we remember (wake up), then we forgive (let go of self-recrimination), and renew our vow to awaken, for the benefit of all beings.

In gratitude for your practice. It gives me courage.

Myoshin Kate McCandless