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Four Sustaining Practices: A Day-long Meditation Retreat for Activists

  • Mountain Rain Zendo 2016 Wall Street Vancouver, BC, V5L 1J5 Canada (map)
photo by Annie Biggs

photo by Annie Biggs

By donation. Everyone welcome!

Our planet and its beings are facing significant challenges. As we endeavor to create positive change, we often discover that taking a stand against injustice involves encountering our own vulnerabilities. 

In this daylong meditation retreat, an offering to activists and changemakers, three Buddhist teachers from different lineages intend to come together to share some practices that might help to sustain us in this work. What relevance might Buddhist practice have for social and environmental activism, and vice-versa? How might we engage with problems and solutions in ways that do not harm ourselves or others in the process?

Specifically, we intend to offer the teachings of the Brahma Viharas - the heart practices of Lovingkindness, Compassion, Appreciative Joy, and Equanimity.

Those new to practice are particularly encouraged to attend. We will work to make this an inclusive space for all genders, cultural backgrounds, and sexual identities. The space is wheelchair accessible.

Registration: For more information or to register please contact:

Scott Lawrance, from the Vajrayana tradition, is a poet, therapist, wilderness guide, counsellor educator, father and grandfather - chronic outsider, holder of vision of beautiful possibilities beyond our time. 

Brian Dean Williams, from the Insight tradition, is a local activist from East Van, and father of three. He teaches meditation widely in the nonprofit sector, the counselling room, and out in the wilderness. 

Myoshin Kate McCandless, from the Soto Zen tradition, is a resident teacher of Mountain Rain Zen Community, poet and long-time organic gardener. As a counsellor she has worked in the areas of hospice care and women's health.