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Body-and-Mind Study of the Way: teachings of Dogen Zenji

  • Mountain Rain Zendo 2016 Wall Street Vancouver, BC, V5L 1J5 Canada (map)
Mountains, rivers, earth, the sun, the moon, and stars are mind. At just this moment, what is it that appears directly in front of you?

Dogen Zenji brought Soto Zen practice from China to Japan in the thirteenth century. His writings have come to be known world-wide for their poetic and paradoxical language, and penetrating depth. Studying Dogen together we can widen and deepen our perspectives on practice. 

This retreat will focus intensively on Dogen Zenji's text "Body-and-Mind Study of the Way". Dogen describes a way of practicing with body and mind through which we experience our boundless true nature. We will explore the text in community, and  apply Dogen's teachings to our zazen practice and everyday lives.

The retreat will include periods of zazen (sitting meditation), kinhin (walking meditation), two dharma talks each day, small and large group discussion, and reflective writing or art. 

Everyone welcome, whether you are new to Zen practice or experienced.

About the Teacher: Myoshin Kate McCandless is a Zen Buddhist priest and resident teacher of Mountain Rain Zen Community. She first encountered Dogen’s teachings when practicing with Shohaku Okumura Roshi in Kyoto, Japan in the mid-1980s and has continued to find them wonderfully inexhaustible.

Schedule:  Saturday and Sunday 9:00 AM - 4:30

We will eat lunch in silence together. Please bring a bag/box lunch, and a mug for tea.


  • Full-time attendance: $80

  • Half-time attendance: $40

  • For those on a limited income, reduced fees are available. Please complete the Weekend Retreat Reduced Fee Request form (click the link to access the form). No one will turned away for lack of funds.

Teacher Dana

Retreat fees only cover expenses. There will be an opportunity to give a donation/dana to the teacher at the retreat. 


If you have questions or concerns, please contact the registrar at


2018 Dogen Weekend Retreat
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