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Practicing with Anger in Angry Times

  • Mountain Rain Zendo 2016 Wall Street Vancouver, BC, V5L 1J5 Canada (map)

Anger is a powerful and potentially destructive energy. Some people are addicted to it; some are terrified of it. And it seems the world is awash in it. Angry words are everywhere in our media environment. It's easy to feel anger in the face of pervasive violence and injustice. And yet, we can see how anger poisons relationships between individuals, groups and nations. 

In this seminar we will explore:

Week 1: What is anger? How does it work in our body/mind/heart? How does it obstruct clear-seeing and a wise and compassionate response to others? What is the relationship between anger and fear. How can we Increase our capacity to be present with our own anger.

Week 2: How can we practice with anger?

Week 3: What is righteous anger, or anger in a just cause? How can we  transform the energy of anger into discriminating wisdom, compassionate speech and skillful action?

Week 4: Patience: an antidote to the poison of anger. How can we respond to anger from others and in our social environment?

Week 5: Forgiveness: opening the heart, letting go of anger and bitterness. 

Each session will include two zazen periods, a talk by the teacher, and small and large group talking circles, with tea and snacks to follow.

Everyone welcome. By donation. Come for as many sessions as you can.

Note: There will be no seminar session June 19, as Kate and Michael will be away at Samish Island sesshin. However regular Wednesday practice will be open with sangha leaders facilitating a reading, with tea and talking circle.