Workflow Guide: Membership: Single Payment

Single payment membership donations are handled through a Squarespace donation block. The forms, email, and process are basically the same.


Collect User Input

Example: Support: Membership

Donation Form: Single Payment 

  1. Choose the amount
  2. Add billing info including mailing address
  3. Secure payment form

"Join mailing list" checkbox

  • Simple checkbox on checkout form. 

Note: Default is unchecked, which can't be changed.

Process the Membership: Single Payment


Receive Confirmation Email

  • From: Mountain Rain Zen Community <>
  • Subject line: Mountain Rain Zen Community: Thank You

Includes: Message, Fund Name, Amount
Note: Message can be edited but must work for ALL one-time donations.


Receive Notification Email

  • From: Squarespace <>
  • Subject line: Mountain Rain Zen Community Has Received a Contribution

Includes: Donor name, address, phone; Amount but NOT fund name 

More detailed including fund name info is also in Squarespace > Commerce > Donations        

  • Donations can be exported to a spreadsheet (.csv)
  • Notes can be kept on donations
  • Email can be sent to user to follow up, but it will come from


If checkbox on donation form is checked:

  • MailChimp Transfer List receives: First name, Last name, Email address (only)
  • If email is already on the transfer list, MC will ignore or update with new name info
  • ML Manager copies user info from Transfer List into main MRZC mailing list
  • TBD: Collecting other info on user from the registrar for the ML?

If checkbox on donation form is not checked:

  • Set up simple process to request permission to add them to the main MRZC mailing list.
  • Process manually: At MailChimp, add them to the main MRZC Mailing List
  • In the main MRZC Mailing List, under Groups > Membership Status, choose "Member"
  • Complete the other two hidden fields: 
    • Date joined / renewed
    • Payment type [this is a text field]: Put in: Single payment