Workflow Guide: Membership: Recurring

Note: Recurring payments are handled by a different system, called MoonClerk, outside Squarespace.


Collect User Input

Example: Support: Membership

Donation Form: Monthly 

  1. Choose amount, add mailing address and phone (not required)
  2. Secure payment form

"Join mailing list" checkbox

None. Members need to be subscribed to the list since the list doubles as the members database.

Process the Membership: Recurring


Receive Confirmation Email

  • From: Mountain Rain Zen Community <>
  • Subject line: Mountain Rain Zen Community: Thank You (Membership Payment Receipt)

Includes: Message, amount, link to manage recurring plan
Note: Messsage can be edited but must work for ALL recurring donations



Receive Notification Email

  • From: MoonClerk <>
  • Subject line: Successful Payment of $---.00 CAD

Includes: Donor name, address, phone, payment and plan info 

More detailed info is at Moonclerk > Payments

  • Donations can be exported to a spreadsheet (.csv)
  • Notes can be kept on donations


When a plan is created, that email needs to be forwarded to the Mailing List Manager.

  • Support forwards Notification email to ML Manager
  • ML Manager copies user info into main MRZC Mailing List and adds them temporarily to the Transfer-In Group/Segment
  • ML Manager send new member(s) special welcome email
  • ML Manager moves user to the Members Group, under Membership Status